Saturday, 3 November 2012

Book Review #3: Teen Queens and Has-Beens

Teen Queens and Has-Beens
By: Cathy Hopkins
Target: Thirteen-years-old and up
Setting: Cornwall, UK

Ophelia or Lia Axford, the daughter of the famous rock star Zac Axford and ex-model mother, lives in the United Kingdom. Lia moved home to live with her parents after completing Year Eight boarding at a school in London. Everyone in London was driven to school by their chauffeurs in fancy cars, in Cornwall – the town Lia is now living in – she is the only one. Kaylie and the ‘Clones’, as Lia and her friends: Mac, Squidge, Becca and Cat call them, are out to get Lia after she gets something Kaylie wants. Kaylie starts bullying her in a way that she cannot be confronted. Lia is slowly withering away from her normal self. She refuses to let her parents tell her teachers because there is no hard evidence that Kaylie is actually bullying her. Lia wants to become invisible; she doesn’t want to attend school. She might even allow the bullying to drive her back to her school in London…

            Teen Queens and Has-Beens, written by Cathy Hopkins, could be related to a few real life scenarios. The bullying happening reminded me of Amanda Todd. The bullies ‘attacking’ her got very difficult to deal with and she didn’t know what to do. The books big idea was: bullying. To build on the idea the author added some themes including: revenge can backfire, stick-up for yourself and others and be strong. I think that this book does bring out a big societal issue, which is bullying. I couldn’t imagine the setting or visualize the book, but the words really put out a strong message. There were some very well thought out characters, the book got so fierce sometimes that you needed the flat character for comedy relief or just to move the story along. Cathy Hopkins did a superb job on picking different characters to add to a scene to either intensify or lighten up the mood. I would recommend this book for anyone thirteen-years-old and up because there is some coarse language towards the end of the book. I took the liberty of reading Teen Queens and Has-Beens without recommendation and I really enjoyed it. This is one of my favourite books and I think you should read it because it is very scrupulously written and relatable to real life.


  1. You had a great book review with lots of detail, I liked how you talked about how someone could relate to the book, and what is great about this book. It also made me interested to read the book.

  2. Hi Jenn,

    I was looking through all of the book reviews and I saw yours. I have previously the book, "Teen queens and has beens". I think you really described the true theme of the book in your book review. Your background is awesome and I love how you customized your font to add a touch of you. Another thing I really liked was how you put the place and age target at the start of the book review. I would have never thought of that. Awesome job :)