Saturday, 3 November 2012

Litspiration Challenge

I recently read the book Hurt Go Happy, written by Ginny Rorby. I really enjoyed the book and was inspired to draw Sukari. Sukari is a chimpanzee that uses sign language to communicate with humans. She is a small chimp who became a 'family' member to Charlie after her parents were poached in the wild. To learn more about Sukari, read my second book review on Hurt Go Happy.


  1. I like your drawing, and I appreciate your inspiration. I wonder, did you have specific passages that helped your draw this picture that you could include?

  2. You are amazing at drawing! It is so well done. :)
    P.S As soon as I looked at your blog I was jealous because of how beautiful it is!!!!! Such pretty colours.

    1. Thanks Jessica, your blog is gorgeous! You have so many cool things on it!

  3. This a great drawing Jenn! I'm impressed at how realistic you could make it look. I also agree Jessica your blog is really pretty. :)

  4. This is very good, the thing I like about it most is the paragraph that you used to almost sum up the drawing, also you used specific details in your drawing to make it look almost realistic.