Monday, 8 April 2013

The Scorpion Project - First Individual Post

Today we were told about our new project entitled: The Scorpion Project; that's the teachers' name for it, they told us we have to be creative with the name. The project is reading a book called House of the Scorpion. We will read the book based on the reading schedule we are given. We will review and discuss with our groups every week or so what we have read that week or previous week. This will change the focus of my blog from having book reviews all the time to having more 'Litsperation Challenges' and reflections on the book we will be reading. I will be writing posts on different literary elements like setting, characterization, etc. My individual posts will be on this blog.

I am happy to be changing the focus a bit and have one book to work with on multiple levels. I really hope I enjoy the book, I think this is the part of the project I am most anxious or nervous about. We also get to work with a different class and I am excited about the new people I will be able to collaborate with.

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