Monday, 13 May 2013


Nancy Farmer, the author of The House of the Scorpion, spends lots of time between small climaxes and events describing and developing characters. She is able to make the transition between the event and development very smoothly. When there isn't much happening around the house, she describes Felicia while she is playing the piano (page 86). On page 101, El Patrón tells the story about how he was a poor boy; this helps his character development. Chapter 14 develops Celia's character as well as describes the relationship between El Patrón and Celia. The protagonist of this novel is definitely Matt, because the story is based around him and you are seeing it through him (his thoughts). The antagonist(s) would be El Patrón and the keepers of the factory/orphanage. El Patrón would be an antagonist because he was going to use Matt for his 'spare parts', because that is what clones are used for; he is preventing Matt from living like a human. The keepers could be the antagonists, because they are preventing Matt from getting to Maria and being free. Some round characters in the story would be Matt, Maria, El Patrón and Celia. I think this because she spent time developing them (example: we know Maria hasn't seen her mom since she was a little girl). Character development played a huge role in this story, it took you to a level of understanding that helped you with the book. If Nancy Farmer didn't make this decision, I think the book would've been harder to understand and I wouldn't have enjoyed it quite as much.

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