Thursday, 23 May 2013

Film Study: Gattaca (Differences and similarities between Matt and Vincent)

I see Matt as a small innocent child who grows up to be a teenage boy who has been through lots in his unaccepted life. Vincent starts out as a baby with a young life expectancy and many issues. As he grows up, he looks nerdy and isn't accepted in the society he lives in. When he trades in his identity to fulfill his dreams, he becomes the image of a good-looking young man with a huge potential to be brilliant. Both characters live in a judgmental society. A quote from Gattaca states: “Ujean never suffered from discrimination associated with being an invalid person, as we were called.” This quote relates to both characters as they are both unaccepted in their society. Vincent's society differs from Matt's, because you have to be an accepted (valid) member and you are immediately given your life expectancy, may it be short or long. You are judged lots, it seems. In Matt's society it is unacceptable to be a clone, you are essentially a filthy animal. In both societies, some people will accept and appreciate you for who you are and others will look upon you with disgust. Vincent had competitions and was never going to come up better than his brother in societies eyes. When he is reunited with his brother and they swim together again, he is able to pull ahead and is physically and mentally much stronger than his brother. Matt never seemed to think much about competition, he was always the best he could be and didn't seem to compare himself to someone like Tom that much. In Vincent's world, he had to act like the person he was impersonating. Matt was just himself, he said whatever he wanted to. He could order around anyone, but that didn't really work out unless El PatrĂ³n was around. Matt is a very nice kid too, so unless he was angry, he wouldn't attempt saying many things that were out of line. Many people looked down on Matt, like he was a piece of gum on their shoes that needed scraping. He was a clone; he was disgusting. Other people truly cared for and loved Matt, like Maria, Celia and Tam Lin. Vincent was never going to be #1 for who he was in his peers and societies eyes. He was never going to amount to anything. Jerome and Irene were the two that ended up having the most faith in the person behind the disguise. Without the impersonation, he would've been the one who didn't fit in anywhere. Once invalid, always invalid. Both Matt and Vincent know that they are capable of lots. They are both very smart and could make it far, but they both need help to get there.

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