Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Narrative Structure

My opinion on the narrative structure of The House of the Scorpion.

Nancy Farmer, author of The House of the Scorpion, spends lots of time building the story to the Climax. In the beginning of the book, she spends her exposition developing the character Matt. She explains how Matt came into the world and how he was a young kid. The story begins the rising action when Matt hears the kids talking outside the window in the Little House. The end of that smaller climax is when Matt jumps out of the window and is rushed to the Big House. After Matt is rushed to the Big House, he learns he is a clone. Not necessarily understanding what a clone is, Matt was dumped outside and was later thrown in a 'prison'. This was flat for a while, but started picking up again when Celia found Matt. It got more exciting when Matt met El Patrón and Rosa was taken away. After this, Matt hadn't talked for a while. The book seemed to get more exciting when Matt finally talked by yelling at the eejit teacher. The story had another small climax when Tam Lin took him to the Oasis. There were many small events on the way up including fights, deaths and growing up. When the book finally reached a wedding, it got really exciting. During this wedding, which Matt wasn't invited to, El Patrón had a heart attack and everyone was searching for Matt. They were searching for Matt so he could provide a very important spare part, his heart. However, I feel the largest climax came when Matt was almost caught by the farm patrol. After the part with the farm patrol, I felt the books excitement level went down and stayed flat for the rest of the book, even though there were more events. These other events just weren't as exciting. The narrative structure for this book was very different from other books, as it built slowly, but was very exciting at the same time and it took a while to build to the climax.

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