Monday, 13 May 2013


The overall setting of the book was in a country lying between the United States and Aztlàn. This country is called Opium. As Matt grows up, both him and the reader learn more about the setting that will soon turn into a streak of panic. A few of the important scenes that help us connect with the setting take place at Celia’s shack or the Little House, the Big House and the Oasis. In the morning at Celia's shack, Steven, Emilia and Maria showed up to see if Matt would talk in Maria's presence (Farmer page 15). Matt was afraid to talk and the window was nailed shut. He also couldn't unlock the door. Maria started to cry and Emilia appeared angry. As they were beginning to leave, Matt smashed the window with a pan so he could talk to them. He jumped out and landed in the glass shards. This is important because this is just before he went to the big house. When it was getting dark out, Steven, Emilia and Maria had rushed Matt back to the big house with his hurt foot. They had to bring him there because he jumped out a window and cut his foot open. When Rosa was cleaning the foot, they saw the writing "Property of the Alacràn Estate" and Mr. Alacràn said he was a clone (Farmer page 26). After Matt had yelled at the eejit teacher because he was sick of the same lesson, Tam Lin took him out for a picnic. He took Matt out on a safe horse; they rode past a dead eejit - which Matt really wanted to help - and to a dry river, where they left the horse. They walked the rest of the way and entered Tam Lin's Oasis. "I brought you here for two reasons," said the bodyguard. "One, because it is nice. And two, because I want to tell you a few things without being spied on." (Farmer page 80). The Oasis became important for Matt's survival in the end, so it is important. 

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