Thursday, 3 October 2013

Marine Life

Very recently, my whole grade took an amazing trip to Bamfield. In Bamfield not only did we have an amazing opportunity to learn about marine biology, but we had some 'chill time' to read two stories that fit the trips theme. The stories are as follow: The Sea Devil, and Whale Story. The Sea Devil was a fishing story full of exhilaration that kept you intrigued. Whale Story was a two chapters taken out of a novel and left you making inferences about what was going to happen next.
The Sea Devil is written by Aurthur Gordon. The story is based on the coast of Florida in late September - with some scenes in a Florida home. When I started reading The Sea Devil I was impressed with how well you could image what was happening. I was confused when he - the protagonist who went without a name - was in the garage and basically his whereabouts throughout the story. I believe what confused me about him being in the garage was that the author was letting the character have a memory and it helped foreshadow what was going to happen. The memory was about fishing with the net that was in the garage, so I thought after I got through the memory that he was going to go fishing. Although the imagery was very strong, it was hard to find other places Aurthur was letting the audience foreshadow.
Some of the choices Aurthur Gordon made as an author through the story were confusing. He decided to leave the male character without a name. Aurthur's writing strategy with minimal information on the character allowed easier access to the story. It let you see through the character's eyes, as if you were the character. He used this strategy throughout the story, and after seeing the story for a while, you could feel what was happening. Even though this connection between the reader and the story is very cool; I wish Aurthur added a bit of detail to his character. After finishing the story, what I was able to take away as a theme was: alone isn't better. I decided on this because, the man was out fishing alone at night. When an unforeseen event was in place the man almost lost his life, but if he had someone else with him his life wouldn't have been in as much risk.
Whale Story was written by Cheryl Kaye Tardit. The story seemed to be written in a past-tense fashion, and was based on an eleven-year-old girl named Sarah. Sarah was moving from Wyoming and was moving to Bamfield. I felt bad for this little girl in the beginning, as she had to leave almost everything behind for the three years she would be living in Bamfield. When she arrived at her new home I felt much better for her, because she seemed very excited and I realized how many new opportunities she would have. I found the story quite boring until she got into the water. At this point, I wasn't quite sure what she was going to do. She was on the dock and then the dark figure splashed her. I believe this dark figure was a whale, and when the girl's voice claimed it was her brother I thought back to the boy who was lost at sea. I think the voice was the boy's sister and she might've thought the whale was a reincarnation of her brother. When the voice came in, the story was cut-off by our teachers so we could foreshadow and try to make an inference as to what was to come. I think the Sarah and the girl will become friends and go looking for the girl's brother. They would swim further than Sarah is supposed to and get in trouble. Not necessarily with their parents.

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