Thursday, 23 January 2014


As a group; Sam, Amanda, Ali, Isaac and I didn't run into any road blocks or difficulties, I think this is because we came up with some very valid rights and freedoms outlined in our made-up Charter. We were able to get a few ideas from my book, Little Princes, by including Children's rights as well as human trafficking laws. Something that could've benefited our group would be taking a quick review of each book that was read. This would have helped us, because we had 5 different people and 4 different book total. The rights outlined in the charter we created were similar to the format of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, however we did add a few sections that we thought would help benefit the world (we were making this as if it were for global usage). Another reason we probably resorted back to the format and ideas of the Canadian Charter is because we live in Canada, and haven't studied or experienced a different charter. In order to really step out of the box on this assignment would require us to expand our worldview, this way we can learn to accept and understand the way other parts of the world and how their charter(s) help or detriment their lives. 

To view our charter, click here.

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