Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post 7

Today in class, we were exploring empathy and how it differs from sympathy. These are two ideas that often get confused, so we were practising using them in our writing. We had a free-write to explore this idea using the characters and setting of our Global Issues Novel Study.

One fine day, I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer outside of the United States when I came across an ad for a volunteer needed. This opportunity was located in Nepal at an orphanage called: Little Princes. I liked the thought of leaving the country, as I wanted to travel the world; but kids? I could do without them. I kept reading and found out that Nepal was a war zone, and the children needed help. How often would this chance come up? I took the position and flew down to Nepal a few months later. There were police everywhere, certainly not a very warm greeting. I was put in a house that would teach me to learn what I needed to know, their youngest daughter taught me lots. I showed off in front of the family and they looked at me very questioningly. I kept trying and they asked me who I was taught by; I pointed at their daughter. They started laughing at me, I felt embarrassed, though I still didn’t know what I’d done. I learned that she was deaf. I immediately felt very bad for her, how would I feel if I couldn’t hear the world? No more birds singing, or music playing. Having a communication barrier between me and the rest of the world. I’d feel like I do now, not knowing their language, it would be awful.

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